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WELCOME to the website of Guus Geurts

Environmental consultant, writer and photographer

Specialism: alternatives for curent globalization, localization of food, feed, energy and timber, EU- en WTO-(agricultural) policy, international economics, indigenous people, (travel in) Asia.

Also board member of Platform Aarde Boer Consument (www.aardeboerconsument.nl), involved with the Alternative Trade Mandate (www.alternativetrademandate.org) and Nyeleni Europe (www.nyelenieurope.net).
And coordination Working Group Food Justice fighting for Food Sovereignty and Climate Justice.

I work together with farmers-, environmental-, development- and consumerorganisations, trade unions and social movements for a just and ecological food supply. Since 2013 our focus is a campaign on TTIP, combating climate change and promoting alternatives like the Alternative Trade Mandate.

Email-adress: guusgeurts@yahoo.com or vipassana1@hotmail.com
Facebook: Guus Geurts
Twitter: @guusgeurts
Skype: guus.geurts1
Telephone: + 31 (0) 20 - 638 7578

Presentations and photos
* I’m always interested to give presentations, and take part in discussions and debates about the subjects mentioned. I’m specialised (education and experience) in agriculture and international trade, EU and WTO policy, bilateral and regional Free Trade Agreements, environmental - and international solidarity policy, sustainable development and social -,  ethical -, and environmental friendly enterprising. I want also to argue that we have to put back world religions and their universal values back into politics.

* I took many pictures (mostly slides) related to the subjects mentioned, but also of the highlights and economy in many developing countries, especially in
Asia. At photographs you can find a selection of the pictures I made. If you are interested in other pictures you can always contact me. At career you can find the countries which I visited. I also give slide presentations of the countries I visited, including a story about the subjects I mentioned before such as politics, economy, nature and environment, agriculture, and indigenous people.

At this homepage you can find first a filmed interview, then English articles I wrote,
and after that the goal and the content of this website.

Dutch articles you can find at the Dutch Home-page and 'Artikelen'.


At http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2004/09/21374.shtml you can watch a filmed interview about the European and WTO agricultural policy and organic farming.  Filmed during Dutch Farmers Caravan (Boerop Parade) by Jens Christiansen Indymedia Biotech - 08.09.2004 22:19 


* Complete text of the Alternative Trade Mandate: http://www.alternativetrademandate.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Trade-time_for_a_new_vision-JAN14-PRINT.pdf

A perfect moment for developing a coherent EU policy in agriculture (CAP), external trade, employment, energy and climate change (6 pages and summary) - December 2007
Written for the European Platform for Food Sovereignty - www.epfs.eu
In 2008 important decisions will be made about the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), during the so-called Health Check. It seems that the European Commission will maintain its course toward liberalising trade, even though the negative effects of this policy are more and more evident. Moreover the WTO negotiations to complete the Doha-round are in crisis.  So at this crucial time in history the European Platform for Food Sovereignty will propose an alternative policy framework which is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

See complete text:  
See summary:        

 - THE FUTURE OF CAP, published in SpectreZine 18 september 2005




The goal of this website:

To give inspiration and information to interested people. So you will find the links of 250 organisations who are working on the topics of alternative globalization, environment, sustainable development, international solidarity, agriculture, indigenous people, human and animal rights, independent media and related subjects. I also hope that my articles and photos (mostly taken in developing countries) will inspire and inform you. Most of these articles are in Dutch, but you will also find some English articles. I also hope that my list of favourite 500 music records ever, will inspire you.

You can find the following subjects on this website:


·        If you are a reader with limited time, you could read my priorities, these are my guidelines for my work the coming years. I will like to do this with other people inside or outside the governments and parliaments. It’s necessary that the environmental and social interests (especially those in developing countries) get the priority very soon, which they deserve, in comparison with the present-day ongoing neoliberal economic development, and ongoing military violence. This is also very important for the developed countries to prevent future conflicts and environmental disasters.


·        At career you will find my education, work experience, experience in voluntary work and the countries I visited outside Europe.


·        Since 1995 I wrote some articles which I sent to newspapers, magazines, and/or websites. You will also find some essays and my thesis which I wrote for my master education Environmental Policy at the University of Nijmegen.


·        I want to ask your special attention for the photographs and the introduction here, about the relation between humans and nature in times of globalization. You can find pictures of the  dialogue between ideologies and religions, which I think is most necessary in the battle against the new world religion ‘neoliberalism’. You will find also pictures of indigenous people who I visited, because these people and the biodiversity of animals and plants (under ‘nature’), are the first who are threatened to extinction the next century, while we also as western people need them the most and can’t live without them. Among the solutions for a more sustainable future, is small scale agriculture. This exists still at many places, however the WTO and also the present-day Common Agricultural Policy of the EU, threatens this small scale agriculture more and more in the North as well as in the South. You will also find pictures of small scale handicrafts, informal trade and food preparation. A universal characteristic of humans is the wish to relax, here you will find some pictures of different ways to do this in North and South.

      You can also find photos I made in Asia from 1998-2004 at the website of Lineair Fotoarchief:


·        At links you will find the websites of 250 organisations, most of them are trying to reach the same goals as I want to work on. I have worked for some of these organisations, with others I have good contacts, or I recommend them for the good information you can find at these websites. 


·        At weblog you can find Dutch reactions to actual subjects on websites of Trouw (newspaper), Greenpeace and Grenzeloos. I tell also about my personal experiences during the last years.


·        At music you can find my favourite 500 records ever made. Music has always been a passion of me. I worked as a (rock) DJ in pubs and presented a music program on a local radio station, called Rock 'n Ballads. During my travels I also recognised that music is a very important part of the local cultures and daily life of the people in the countries I visited.  Anywhere in the world it gives people joy in life.


·        Finally I very curious at your reactions or recommendations. These you can put in my guest book, or send to me by email guusgeurts@yahoo.com. Thank you very much in advance for this.


© Copyright Guus Geurts. You can use my articles if you mention my name (please send a message). You can only use my pictures after my permission (by email guusgeurts@yahoo.com).