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Geurts, AJM




1977 - 1983:
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Highschool (V.W.O.) at the Raaylandcollege in Venray
Agricultural education (Middelbaar Agrarisch Onderwijs) at the Agrarisch Opleidingscentrum in Horst (Specialisation: Dairy farming)
Bachelor Agricultural Business (Agrarische Bedrijfskunde) at the Agrarische Hogeschool in Delft (Specialisation: Logistic Management and Financial Economic Management)
Investigation (Afstudeeronderzoek) at Oerlemans Diepvries Centrale (processing company of vegetables); 'Organisation of information within de Production Department of the food processing industry'
('De administratieve organisatie binnen de afdeling Productie van voedselverwerkende bedrijven')
Bachelor and Master Environmental Policy (Beleids- en sociaalwetenschappelijke Milieukunde) at the Radboud University Nijmegen (Specialisation Environment and Development
Some subjects: national and international environmental policy, environmental law, environmental economics, environmental philosophy, environmental problems in developing countries, social psychology, social pedagogy, mass communication, problems of collectif acting, international solidarity, international economics.
Investigation and thesis at Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth) in Amsterdam, about liberalisation of trade of agricultural products (WTO, EU, World Bank, IMF, influence of multinationals); title of thesis 'Liberalisation in agriculture leads to nowhere' ('Liberalisering in de landbouw, een heilloze weg!). You can download this thesis at 'articles'.

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Working at the dairy farm of my parents, at vegetable farmers, to prevent pig flu (varkenspest)
from spreading, and as a heftruckchauffeur at a tuinbouwveiling in Venray
Production Planner at Inalfa B.V. (international company in metal) inVenray
Instructor at the Agrarisch Opleidingscentrum Limburg te Horst; organisation of the exhibition
'Health, well being and safety of the agricultural entrpeneur, including writing of the reader.

Assistant Head of the Logistic Department and Production Planner at Nestlé Nederland B.V.
(processing of potatoes, production of soups, sauces and bouillons usual under trade mark Maggi)
in Venray.
Several jobs in the movie- and TV industry, such as exta and agent of extras (figuranten),
and as doorman at Hardys bar in Hong Kong, for half a year.
Intaker houserent-subsidies (huursubsidie-aanvragen) at a housing and building corporation 
Stichting Wonen Nord-Limburg in Venray; advising people to fill in the forms.
Tour guide for Ashraf in Amsterdam in Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, West-China and Pakistan,
during 2,5 months.
Production Planner and general laborer at the Logistic Department at Nestlé Nederland B.V.
in Venray
Tour guide for SNP in Nijmegen in Morocco and the Italian Alps
Tour guide for SNP in Nijmegen in Spain, and for Intertrek in The Hague in Turkey
Tour guide for SNP in Nijmegen in Italy
Freelance journalist and photographer in Asia

Working for X minus Y Solidarity Fund in Amsterdam ( in the area of agriculture
and globalisation, representing X minus Y within Platform Aarde Boer Consument (ABC, Earth Farmer Consumer -
Representing Platform ABC within the Coalitie voor Eerlijke Handel (Coalition for Fair Trade -, a coalition of development environmental and farmers organisations 

Project worker at Network Rural Areas (Netwerk Plattelandsontwikkeling) at ETC in Leusden in the area of national and international policy on agriculture and rural areas. 
Producing photo exhibition Food Here and There by order of Platform Development Cooperation in Helden (Limburg the Netherlands
). Exhibition at several events and cities.
Project worker Regionalisation at working group Vóór de Verandering, among others organization of meetings and a conference, giving lectures, and writing of publication.
Hiring out photo exhibition Food Here and There, giving lectures on international trade -, development – and agricultural policy; analysis and alternatives.
Policy worker Agriculture and EU agricultural policy at the Dutch Parliament for the Socialist Party (SP).


Voluntarywork experience:


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1992-93 and
1999 - 2000:
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1995 - 1999:

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1999 - 2000:

1999 - 2007:

2000 - 2002:

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2005 - 2006:

Bestuurslid Catholic Rural Youth club in (Katholieke Plattelands Jongeren) Veulen
Member bar committee studentclub (Sooscommissie) Aurora in Dordrecht
Disc Jockey in bar the Bonte Koe and the Evenaar in Venray and OJC Watjang in Oirlo
Working at local radio broadcasting station (Lokale Omroep Venray) in Venray (including
presentation and technics of my own programm)
Chairman animal welfare organisation in Venray and surrouding municipalities
Dierenbescherming afdeling Venray en omstreken (8 gemeentes)
, also specialised in
anti-hunting, trade in exotic and endangered species and municipal animal policy
Member of a working group on international solidarity (Werkgroep Mondiale Vorming) in
Venray. Including organising, together with Oikos, of awareness raising activities about sustainable development in agriculture and the role of consumers, and about the debt relief campaign Jubilee 2000.
I also coordinated the campaign to get signatures for this campaign in Venray.
Activities for Stichting Aarde in Utrecht at the Platform of small NGO's; Davids Alliantie (een samenwerkingsverband van kleine NGO's).
Member of the Environmental Platform of studentenvakbond AKKU at the Radboud University
in Nijmegen; including organisation of Buy-nothing-day (Niet-Winkeldag) together with Stichting
Omslag in Eindhoven
Member of working groups of Green Left (GroenLinks, political party): the North-South working group, Agricultural working group, working group on global food security, and working group on the election
program for the Dutch parlement (2002). 
Also member of the Party Council (Partijraad) representing regio Nijmegen and Amsterdam.
Member of the of the North-South working group
Member of working group on sustainable development (Copernicus-stuurgroep) at the Radboud
University in Nijmegen, to enhance sustainable development at the campus, education and research.
Vóór de Verandering; a working group on alternatives for the current neoliberal policies,
Organising a Tribunal on the WTO-policy, especially violating the right to food and livelihood.
Representing Platform Aarde Boer Consument within Platform the Nieuwe Dialoog; development of a vision at 2015 on development and environmental protection by the Dutch Civil Society.




-   Brochure Regionalisering als alternatief voor neoliberale globalisering – Beleid en praktijk, met medewering van André Jonkers en Lou Keune voor Vóór de Verandering (2008).

- Book Voedsel Hier en Daar, misschien kunnen we leren van elkaar (2007). 

(Opinion) articles in newspapers (de Volkskrant, Staatscourant, Agrarisch Dagblad, several regional newspapers), magazines (Vice Versa, Milieudefensie Magazine en Ledenbulletin, de Humanist, CV.Koers, landbouwkundige tijdschriften), and on websites (Trouw, One World, WTO.ZIP, Globalternatives, Handelskansenvoorarmen). 

Travel experience outside of Europe (see also working experience):

1990 - 1991:



3 months
5 weaks
5 weaks
5 weaks
1 year and 3 months

1 year and 2 months

3 months
3 weeks
2,5 months

Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia (individual)
Peru and Bolivia (tour group)
Turkey, Iran and Pakistan (individual)
United States (tour group)
New Zealand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Tibet, Nepal and India (ind.)

Russia, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Bruneï, Singapore, Laos and the Philippines (individual)
India (individual)
Suriname (individual)
Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras (ind)